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e-STUDIO 3055c

Toshiba, a world leader in advanced technology, offers a wide array of e-STUDIO Multifunction Printers, which provide customers with a variety of document management solutions, while enhancing security, user-friendliness, efficiency and more.



  • Copy speed  30ppm
  • Scan speed up to 73spm
  • Incorporate a wide variety of the latest technologies such as the LED print head, new fusing mechanism and toner
  • Reduction in weight and footprint
  • Reduction in warm-up time
  • Independent tandem LCF enables paper refill in mid-operation
  • Support for envelope printing and improved paper support
  • Optional Inner Finisher and Job Separator available
  • Standby power consumption of just 1W in super sleep mode
  • Addition of an LED lamp that notifies of RADF operational status
  • Newly developed toner with improved colour reproduction
  • Significant drawer improvements such as paper-size detection, SRA3 paper support and latch grip




Copying/Printing Process

Indirect electrostatic photographic method

Print & Copy Speed


Warm-up time

After Power On 27 seconds & From Sleep mode : 12 Sec

Paper Size & Weight

1st drawer: A3 - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
2nd drawer: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
Optional 3rd & 4th drawer: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
Optional LCF: A4 (84-105gsm)
Stack Feed Bypass :320 x 460 mm - 100 x 148 mm (52 - 280 gsm)
Stack Feed Bypass : BANNER 305 x 1200 mm (90 - 163 gsm) & ADU: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
ADU: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)

Paper Capacity

Drawer: 2 X 550 Sheets Stack Feed Bypass: 100 sheets
Stack Feed Bypass :
Optional PFP: 550 sheets
Optional Drawer for PFP: 550 sheets
Optional LCF: 2,000 sheets 

Max Paper Capacity

 3,200 sheets (80gsm, w/Optional LCF)

Paper Exit

 Face down / Inner exit tray


 Power PC Applied micro APM86190 1.2GH


 2 GB (Shared)


 160 GB TOSHIBA Secure HDD

Control Panel

Tilt type, 9.0" LCD touch-screen & Key Top


 W 585 x D 644 x H 787 (mm) (Height at original glass)

Weight (Approx)

 75.5 kg

Power consumption

 Max. 2.0kW (220 - 240V)

Operation Noise

 Less than 51 dB (Idle)
Less than 74.5 dB (Copying with full option)

Special Features

Auto Sleep Mode, Auto Energy Saver, Weekly Timer




Max. Original Size



 Scanning 10bits:  600dpi x 600dpi / 1024steps
Color Printing 5bits: 600 dpi x 600 dpi

Original Scan Speed

 50spm (A4 size, 100% single side copy)

Multiple Copy Qty

 1 -999 (Ten Key Input)

First Copy

 B&W:  6.4 sec
Colour:  8.1 sec


Original on glass:  25% to 400% (1% Increment)
RADF: 25% to 200% (1% Increment)

Copy Mode

 B&W: Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Image smoothing
Full Color:  Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Printed Image, Map
Twin Color:  Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Mono Color:  (applicable to 10 colors) -Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Auto Color Selection (ACS):  Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image

Image density control

Automatic/Manual (11 steps)

Job Memory:

12,060 Template

Copy Feature

Electronic sorting, ID Card Copying, 2in1/4in1, Interrupt, APS/AMS, Auto Job Start Edge Erase, Trimming & Masking, Outside Erase, Omit Blank Page, User Calibration





5bits:  600 dpi x 600 dpi &
1bits:  600 dpi x 1200 dpi (PS)

Page Description Languages


Operating Systems

 Windows XP/Windows Vista (32/64 bit)
Windows 7/Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)
Mac OS X ver 10.2.8/10.3.9 (Mac PPD for LaserWriter)
Max OS X 10.4.11/10.5.7/10.6.8 (OS 10.4 PPD)
Mac OS 10.7.4, 10.8
Unix Filter:  Solaris ( SUN ), HP-UX, AIX(IBM), Linux, SCO


10/100/1000baseT, USB 2.0/Hi Speed USB

Network Protocol

 IPX/SPX, TCP/IP (IPv4,IPv6), EtherTalk, NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Print Feature

 Scheduled/Private/Hold/Proof Print, Multiple Overlay, Poster print, Tab print Secure Pattern Printing (Hard Copy Security), Do not Print White Paper PostScript Overprint, Spot Color, ICC Profile, Tandem Printing





600 x 600 dpi

Scan Speed

up to 73spm (300dip)

Scan Modes

 B&W, Grayscale, Colour

File Formats

 B&W:  TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single-Page, XPS-Multi/Single Page
Grayscale & Colour:  JPEG, TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single Page
ACS:  TIFF-Single page, PDF-Mult/Single page, XPS-Multi/Single Page

Scan Agent

 Scan to File:  USB, SMB, IPX/SPX, FTP, FTPS, NetWare over TCP/IP Scan to E-mail
Scan to E-Filing
Scan to WS Scan

Scan Feature

 Scan Preview, META Scan, Omit Blank Page, Outside Erase, Copy & File Job Template (Multi Agent)


Fax (Option)



Super G3, G3

Data Compression Mode


Modem speed

33.6kbps - 2.4kbps (automatic feedback)

Transmission Speed

Approx. 3 seconds

Memory Capacity

1GB (Toshiba Secure HDD)

Fax Feature

FAX Preview, Received Fax Forward, Network Fax, Internat Fax

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