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RISO's EZ 3 series printers give you unmatched print quality at a genuinely affordable price.

It starts with 600dpi perforation density on the master, and advanced RISO image management technology to deliver smoother lines, more natural photos and graduations, and legible type even at the smallest sizes. And there's much more, including A3 paper compatibility and advanced features such as the RISO i Quality System to bring a new level of convenience, cost-efficiency and quality to high speed printing.

  • PC connectivity
  • Intelligent flat bed scanner
  • Enhanced image processing
  • Expanded paper weight capacity
  • Fast printing speed
  • Multiple colour drums
  • Front operation
  • Easy ink setting
  • New master disposal box
  • New copy control system
  • Environmental friendly design


    Beautiful, affordable printing

       PC connectivity

    Choose from two optional interfaces - a USB 2.0 port and a network card - to connect the printer to a PC. The USB port gives simple, one-cable connection a single PC, while the network card lets you add the printer to your network making it instantly available to everyone in your office.

       Expanded paper weight capacity

    A wide range of paper weight compatibility - from 46g/m2 to 157g/m2 - lets you meet virtually any printing requirement. And if you need even heavier weights, the optional card feed kit offers handling of card stock up to 400g/m2.

       Intelligent flat bed scanner

    Flat bed scanner gives fast, convenient scanning of originals up to A3 size. There's even a function to intelligently remove the gray background frequently found when scanning newspapers and the like.

       Enhanced image processing (Tone smoothing)

    Four preset modes - line, photo, duo or pencil - give you one-touch selection of optimum scan settings according to the content of your document. Choose line mode for text-only documents; photo mode for photos or illustrations; duo mode for documents that are a mix of text and photos; and pencil mode for illustrations drawn in pencil. A new tone smoothing function available from the printer driver gives beautifully smooth gradations with screened photos.

       Copy control system (ID counter report)

    The user management function allows you to create users and set access restrictions, as well as set upper usage limits. You can also use the counter report function to output information on usage.

       Thoughtful design for easy operation

    Enlarging and reducing the print area of masters
    Seven-step adjustment allows you to enlarge (three steps: 116%, 122%, 141%) or reduce (four steps: 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%) standard-size originals to another standard paper size. You can even use the 94% reduction ratio to place margins around your original.

    Scanning level adjustment
    Five step scanning level adjustment allows you to adjust the scanner to match the density of your original. An auto position is also available when scanning in line mode.

    Fast printing speed
    RISO printers are known for their speed, and the EZ3 series get the job done quickly with a high maximum print speed of 130 pages per minute.

    Print position adjustment
    You can shift the vertical position of the print area by ±15mm from the control panel, allowing precise vertical placement of print/images on the output. Horizontal adjustment of ±10mm is available from a dial by the paper feed tray.

    Progress arrows
    Convenient progress arrows take the guesswork out of printing, providing you with visual confirmation of progress in master-making and print jobs so you always know where you are in the process.

    Energy saving mode
    Lowers running costs by automatically turning the printer off or placing it in sleep mode after a user-selected period without operation. Choose from 5, 15, 30, 60 or 90-minute periods without operation before the printer turns off or enters sleep mode. A lamp lights to show the printer is in sleep mode, and a single touch on the button restores the printer to full operating mode.

       Scanning bound materials

    The flat bed scanner allows you to quickly and conveniently scan and print from bound materials without breaking them apart.
    What’s more, there’s none of the jamming so common with sheet feeder scanners when scanning originals with photos or illustrations posted on them.

       Front operation

    Thoughtful design makes loading masters and swapping ink drums light and easy. The printer's front section opens wide and the master section pulls out like a drawer, allowing easy placement of a fresh master roll.

       Easy ink setting

    Setting a new ink bottle is little more than a one-click operation.
    Simply insert the bottle, twist into place and close the printer door. It’s all part of RISO’s "clean hands" operating policy.

       Multiple color drums

    A huge range of colors is available, allowing you to add spot color to your documents for extra impact.
    Better still, the drums are lightweight making it easy to swap them in and out. You can choose from 21 standard colors, 50 custom colors, or an unlimited number of custom colors - ideal for applications such as unique corporate colors.

       Master disposal box

    A new design makes it even easier to dispose of used masters: the drawer type box simply pulls out and a twist of the wrist lets the used masters slide neatly into a garbage container.

       No master flanges

    To make loading master rolls even easier, the previous design that required placement of flanges on the master roll is replaced with an integrated system that automatically holds the master in place.

       Environment-friendly design

    EZ3 series printers are engineered to be easy on the environment. ENERGY STAR compatibility assures energy efficiency. Compliance with the EU's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive restricts the use of hazardous materials, while meeting the standards of the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive assures that your EZ3 series printer is recycled at the end of its useful life.

    The RISO i Quality System offers a large number of quality and convenience benefits.

    Among them are:
    - Automatic assurance of optimum print quality.
    - Prevention of operator error.
    - Warning of shortages in remaining ink/master volume.
    - Minimized paper waste.

    Master-Making / Printing Methods High-speed digital master-making / fully automatic stencil printing
    Original Type Book, Sheet
    Original Size When using the Glass Platen: 50mm × 90mm – 310mm × 432mm
    When using the AF-VI (option): 100mm × 148mm – 310mm × 432mm
    Original Paper Weight When using the Glass Platen: 10kg or less
    When using the AF-VI (option): 50g/m² – 128g/m²
    Scanning Area (max.) 297mm × 432mm
    Print Paper Size 100mm × 148mm – 310mm × 432mm
    Paper Supply Capacity 1000 sheets (64g/m²)
    Print Paper Weight
    Standard: 46g/m² – 157g/m²
    When using the Card Feed Kit (option): A4 and smaller size (100g/m² – 400g/m²)
    Legal and smaller size (100g/m² – 310g/m²)
    A3 and smaller size (100g/m² – 210g/m²)
    Image Processing Mode Line, Photo, Duo, Pencil
    Resolution Scanning resolution: 300dpi x 600dpi
    Print image resolution: 300dpi x 300dpi
    Master-making Time Approx. 25 seconds (for A4 / Landscape / 100% reproduction ratio)
    Printing Area
    251mm × 357mm
    Print Reproduction Ratio 3 enlargements: 116%, 122%, 141%
    4 reductions: 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%
    Print Speed 60ppm – 130ppm (5 steps variable)
    Print Position Adjustment Vertical: ±15mm, Horizontal ±10mm
    Ink Supply Fully automatic (1000 ml per cartridge)
    Master Supply / Disposal Fully automatic (220 sheets per roll)
    Master Disposal Box Capacity Approx. 100 sheets
    User Interface LED Panel with Progress Arrow indicators, Front Side Operation
    Power Source 100V – 120V <2.5A> / 220V – 240V <1.3A>, 50Hz / 60Hz, 220V-240V AC, 50/60hz <1.3A>
    Dimensions (W×D×H) without stand When in use: 1380mm(W) × 645mm(D) × 660mm(H)
    When in storage: 775mm(W) × 645mm(D) × 660mm(H)
    Weight without stand Approx. 101kg

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    *Details may vary depending on the region.

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