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Blade Enclosure M

The Blade Enclosure M is a 8 blade chassis comprising of 6U on the rack. The Blade Enclosure M provides for easy setup and configuration connectivity through its management module, redundant power supply modules, and fans to ensure that the servers will stay running beyond expectations.


Key hardware features
• 8 bays for server and storage blades
• Hot-plug server and storage blades and switch modules
• Redundant components (power supply units, Enclosure Management (EM) cards and cooling fans)
• LCD panel for easier server status monitoring and maintenance

Ideal environments
• The Blade Enclosure M is ideal for medium-sized enterprise systems.


Max. Numbers of Bays Blade 8
Switch Module 6
EM Card 2
Power Unit 4
Fan Unit 5
I/O Interface USB 1x 4-pin connector x1
Serial 1 x 9-pin D-Sub connector
Keyboard / Mouse 2 x 6-pin mini-DIN connector
Video 1 x 15-pin D-sub connector
Optical Drive 1 x DVD-ROM drive
Dimensions (W x D x H) 484.8 x 829 x 264.2 mm , 6U rack height
Input Voltage 200 - 240 VAC
Maximum Power Consumption *1 5,136 Watt
Maximum Weight *2 119 kg / 262.3 lb
1. The maximum wattage consumed on the maximum configuration
2. The maximum weight on the maximum configuration

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