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The Express5800/AT101b Tape blade is a direct attached LTO5 tape blade designed to provide direct attach data protection for the adjacent server and network data protection for servers installed into NEC's blade enclosures. The NEC Tape blade is designed for application compatibility and high availability in a choice of configurations.



Key hardware features

  • High-speed backup at data transfer rates of 140MB/s
  • Large-capacity of up to 1.5 TB uncompressed data
  • Compact design with one-bay size
  • Integrated management by the Enclosure Management (EM) Card


Recording technology LTO4
Capacity 1.5 TB, uncompressed, with a LTO5 cartridge
Tape slot [vacant] 1
Mezzanine slot [vacant]

Type-1 x 1

Type-2 x 1 (Type-1 supported)

Network Interface 1000BASE x 2 (midplane connection)
Weight 5Kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) 52 x 516 x 180 mm
Enclosure Blade Enclosure M, Blade Enclosure H, Blade Enclosure H v2
Power consumption 120W (DC)
Operating Temperature 10-35°C

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