Server & Storage Solution


Storage solutions are in high demand everywhere for reducing TCO, realization of expandability and high-availability, and in various types of backup requirements.

NEC Storage can offer total storage solutions to cover the entire life cycle of systems. Our customer support activities include consulting, design, implementation, and operation of storage systems, as well as a new type of extensive consulting work to help customers realize efficient systems based on system usage analysis, etc., using ample know-how and methods acquired in years of our experience in system.

•   NEC offers optimum storage system solutions for customers in view of customers' needs for TCO reduction, realization of expandability and high-availability, backup capability, and disaster recovery.

•   Various types of typical solutions to meet common objectives are already in place to be tailored to customers' specific system needs.

Also, disaster recovery is one of the major focuses that can assure secure and continuous business operations.


Unexpected system disruptions due to disasters such as caused by earthquake or fire would have significant impacts on business operations. In this context, installation of remote backup centers to protect data, by making remote copies in accordance with the required level of services, is attracting the attention of users in relation to the issue of disaster recovery. NEC provides the offering such disaster recovery solutions, as one of our typical storage solutions, in order for customers to quickly resume their services upon encountering disasters.



SAN is a dedicated network between servers and storage devices, and is able to execute high-speed DB processing while minimizing the impact on LAN traffic of mission critical systems.

The NEC Storage D/E series is most suitable for the SAN environment.

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